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Страница с текстом из Мы познакомились с тобой прошлым летом Держались за руки под исполнением Music Hayk - Чувства. Текст песни Карандаш - Мы познакомились с ней в интернете Виски со льдом, куплеты пьяного поэта, графити на стене вконтакте без ответа, разные. Страница с текстом из Мы познакомились случайно,вспыхнула искра не хочу что под исполнением Я жду тебя всегда звонка твоего.

Спасибо вам за всё! Вы у меня самые лучшие!!! Я знаю,что для меня,он готов на всё Сегодня собрались самые близкие нам люди Вечер и ночь обещают быть мега-крутыми И вот сейчас вот должен прозвучать ответ А ты как думаешь? This meeting then seemed strange Learning about age ofigela bitbut my willpower got down to business But sometimes we even shared the city Probably it was earlybut now is just right and I did not look away from your eyes Fate has bound uschained together Do you remember playing house?

When five minutesyou learned movement And thought were "cool" And after a quarrela cake with a huge bunch of balloons But one day, you and I are one of the castings have been "reality wedding ," we won the project Inogda allbut you would not be allowed on the sports stage I sprained my leg, but this situation is not blocked the way for us We even bought a pig for the projectbathed in the mudand then I say nothing And with a heart turned out somehow cute, my thoughts in my head " Normally lucky " We will livelove each other at the edge of the earth You say you love me and no one else is needed miss the moment WaitI missed this pointwe have you already have a little secret Thank you for everything you have it the best!

I know that for me, he is ready for anything I know together we will move any difficulties Чтобы ты мне улыбнулась, а не смайлик на экране. Не хочу быть твоим фрагом, тем более врагом. Не хочу быть игрой, что станет пройденной. Виски со льдом, куплеты пьяного поэта, графити на стене вконтакте без ответа, разные сюжеты, ревную, врать не буду, закрытый номер, неровное дыханье в трубку. Наша жизнь игра, но её нельзя засейвить, похоже перегружен наших отношений сервер.

И через сотни километров мы снова вместе, два города два сердца и эта песня Не говорю тебе прощай, говорю до завтра We met her somewhere in the wilds of the Internet, she had sent me their photosI answer in couplets. Yeswe are not a couplebut something like that.

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I call it love, and it connects. I stayed in its networksit is in the network is trying something naguglitand I find it.

To translate the format of our meetings to the bedbut she prefers me in mp3 format. I told her about the stars, she told me about Warcraftas if in her hands joystick from me imagine. And where she found these cheats by which by which all my tickets to Almaty. Like those walks along the avenueand if I am in Moscow who she hurries me in Omega Sector, and through hundreds of killometrov we go againtwo citiestwo hearts and this song.

Think of me as your fragsbut is not considered an enemyjust with you from around us. And all this is not vertualno get me the truth, do not say goodbye to youI say to you tomorrow. We are with her in different cities, but from one system.

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It is in Moscow, Almaty and I captured. And frankly everything that is between us, megabytes of those pictures that take up memory. Become a little closer to touch his lips.